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Halloween Window Art

I absolutely love Halloween. I love the costumes, I love the halloween sweets (who doesn't) but most importantly I love decorating. I always see these spooky halloween silhouettes, and decided to do a little Monsters Inc themed window display this year! There's a little tutorial below if you want to make them!

You need :

5 sheets of white A4 paper 5 sheets of black A4 card or paper Scissors Sticky tape A sharp pencil

1 . Start by saving my images below.

... 2. Print each image/file onto an A4 sheet of WHITE paper. If you want Boo, Mike and Sully you will need 5 sheets of white paper to print on.

Mike Wozowski and Boo will each be one A4 sheet and Sully will take up 3.

3. Once printed lay your A4 paper on top of your black card and draw over the lines with your pencil. Press as hard as you can so the indent goes through to the card.

4. Carefully cut along the lines. The outlines are from the ones that I created. You don't have to cut out each individual piece of fur as the silhouette will still show with a basic outline.

5. Using regular sticky tape to attach them to your window. I attempted it with double sided tape but you could really see the marks and it ruined the effect. A little piece of normal sticky tape around the edges will hold the paper up without being too distracting.

6. Turn the light on and go outside to look a little weird staring at your beautiful window.

7. Take a photo and tag me on instagram!

Are you going to make some Monsters Inc Halloween Window Art? Do you create your own window decorations?! Let me know and show me a photo!

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