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Disneyland Paris Diary

To celebrate our two year wedding Anniversary we booked a trip to Disneyland Paris! We had the most amazing time so I thought I’d do a little Disneyland Paris Diary. I hope you enjoy it! Day -One Disneyland Paris Diary Yes that is a minus in the heading and not just a typo. The day before we were meant to be leaving I checked the train times to find out our connecting Eurostar train was cancelled. Long story short after phoning Eurostar, they kindly offered us one seat on a replacement train, so we ended up booking a last-minute flight with Vueling. Last minute as in.. it was leaving in 4 hours. We brutally chopped our luggage in half, stuffed them into hand luggage bag and raced to Gatwick Airport. We ended up arriving in Paris at 11:40pm. (No thanks to Eurostar.)

Day One After waiting in the airport for 7 hours, we managed to get a shuttle at 7am and arrived at the beautiful Cheyenne Hotel  to find that they could give us a room over 7 hours before check-in. So whilst Joe had a much-needed nap I went off in search of restaurant reservations and the gift shop. Once refreshed, we thought we’d make the most of the day and head to the park. Luckily if you stay on site there’s a free shuttle that takes less than 5 minutes, or if you’re feeling more awake than we were you can have a 15 minute walk along the river. We went on Star Tours (for my husband whose a massive Star Wars fan) which was a bit strange in French, but still very enjoyable. Then to our Tea/Dinner reservation at the Garden Plaza Restaurant. The restaurant itself is beautiful. The Garden Plaza is a buffet which offers the basics such as pizza and potato stars (which you will find a lot throughout Disneyland) but also a large selection of meat and desserts. I will have to point out that a lot of the food is coated in Garlic. It’s edible, but I’m really not a lover of garlic and I did have to leave a bit of the food. We couldn’t leave the park on the first day without going on our favourite ride. As I’ve mentioned before we absolutely love Toy Story so it had to be Buzz Lightyear! Unfortunately….. it broke, and not for the first time on our trip as you’ll find out later! We got about 10m and the ride shut down, except for the lazers. I could have lied and said we’d maxed out the score board to make us look really impressive. However  the Pinocchio ride was planned for a bit later. (See what I did.. liars.. nose.. Pinocchio shhh it’s definitely a good joke.) The ride did continue after a while but as we’d already maxed out our scores we had sort of ruined it for ourselves and just enjoyed the view of the ride.

Day Two For our second day in Disneyland Paris we decided to spend the day in the Disney Studios park. This one’s supposed to focus more on the behind-the-scenes, but also features the Ratatouille ride, Toy Story Land and Crush’s Coaster. So although it began with ‘the secrets behind the most magical scenes’  it now features rides very similar to those you’d experience in the other Disneyland Park. We used our extra magic hours and arrived before the park opening hours. This is definitely one of the best perks from staying on resort. The waiting time for Ratatouille ride can be anywhere between 45 and 70 minutes on a normal day but we were really lucky and managed to walk straight onto the ride.

A bit more shopping and a couple of rides later, it was time for our meet and great with the one and only Mickey Mouse! We used the app Lineberty which allows you to save a ticket for later on in the day. Most of the time you’re able to meet Characters just by lining up, but they have a few that are Lineberty-only. It’s definitely an App to look into if you’re planning a trip to Disneyland Paris! For the evening meal we had a reservation at Restaurant Des Stars, which can be found in Disney Studios. The buffet here was very similar to the Garden Plaza but this time nothing was coated in garlic! Plus the desserts in here were amazing, they even had little Iron Man cakes! After our meal we were really feeling the heat and tiredness, so we decided to head back to our hotel for an early night. After all we wanted to get those extra magic hours ready for Crush’s Coaster in the morning!

This is becoming a pretty long Disneyland Paris Diary so I think I’m going to split it into two parts. We had the most amazing holiday and I have so much more to tell and show you. Including the amazing 25th Anniversary show and Parade down Main Street! Have you been to Disneyland before? Let me know what your favourite ride is!

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